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Information to Gather

Each of our grant processes is a little bit different but normally this is the information we request. Check the forms for any word limits.

Letters of Inquiry
(Please keep it brief. Remember, you just have to persuade us to see a full application.)

  • Contact Person
  • Organizational Budget
  • Organizational Mission
  • Brief Description of Project
  • Brief Description of Desired Outcomes
  • Amount Requested
  • Brief Description of Fund Use


Full Application
  • Description of Project
  • Amount Requested/Project Budget
  • Grant Period
  • 501(c)3 status and Tax ID Number
  • Previous Grants from The Lumpkin Family Foundation
  • Brief Organizational Description
  • Number of full and part time staff and volunteers
  • List of Board of Directors including name, title, professional affiliation and number of years on the board
  • Percentage of your board that made contributions last year and the total amount of the contributions
  • List of active committees on your board
  • List the name of the individual in your organization whose primary responsibiliity is fundraising/development. What percentage of his/her time is dedicated to this task?
  • Project Overview
  • Project Rationale (why is the activity important)
  • Project Goal (what impact do you expect this work to have)
  • Alignment with Organization's Goals (how does the proposed activity contribute to achieving your organization's overall goals)
  • Alignment with Foundation Objectives (The Lumpkin Family Fund has the following objectives: support the creativity of nonprofit organizations; support organizations demonstrating leadership; promote the effectiveness of organizations and the nonprofit sector; facilitate collaboration; and develop public understanding of issues and philanthropic support. Please describe how the planned activity will address one or more of these objectives.)
  • Likelihood of Success (describe the likelihood that your organization will successfully achieve the activity goal(s). Include how and why you believe the key steps will lead to success (e.g. methods proven in the literature, lessons learned from past experiences, etc.) If your request is for general support, tell us how we will know the grant was worthwhile and describe your plans for making up this operating shortfall in the future.)
  • Relationships with Other Organizations (list other organizations that are working to meet the same needs in your geographic location (can be local, regional or national organizations), describe your relationship with them (formal and/or informal) and explain how your organization differs from them.)
  • Budget Narrative (account for differences between amounts requested from The Foundation and the total project amounts for each expense category. Include names of other sources of funding (foundations, state/federal/local agencies, corporations, private donations, etc.) and corresponding amounts. Please indicate if these funds have been secured or if they are still pending.)


  1. Organizational Strategic Plan
  2. Financial Summary Table 
  3. Key Steps (if applicable)
  4. Project Evaluation 
  5. Project Budget 
  6. Copy of most recent IRS letter indicating tax exempt status
  7. Most recent Form 990
  8. Brief bios of key staff
  9. Most recent audited financial statement
  10. Up to three published articles about the organization

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