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We believe that well managed, mission driven organizations produce more effective and sustainable programs. When people work collaboratively on matters of common concern they accomplish more, give greater voice to their concerns, have deeper impact on their clients and, ultimately, create stronger, more vibrant communities.   

We are committed to making grants that support organizations in building their individual organizational and leadership capacity and helping them work together for broader impact across communities we care about.  We do this in East Central Illinois in the following ways:    

Grants to support ORGANIZATIONAL capacity:  From board development to fundraising infrastructure to technology purchases – and more – an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission tomorrow requires it to pay attention to more than its mission today.  All organizations submitting an application to the Lumpkin Family Fund process under the Land, Health, Community program are eligible for support of their organizational systems.  Beginning in 2015, applicants are asked relevant questions on the application that will allow the Foundation to consider financial support for an organizational purpose over and above the grant request.   

In addition, The Foundation supports strong nonprofits in the region with grants for organizational development and training.  We do this through a program administered by our local community foundation partners through the virtual nonprofit network Good Works CONNECT.  Click here for more information on our partnership with our region's community foundations. To apply for a microgrant, click here.

Operating Grants and Multi-year Support:  Organizations that have a close tie to the goals of Land, Health, Community may submit a proposal for general operating or for multi-year support. We encourage you to call or email staff to determine whether such a request may be appropriate.     

Grants for Collaboration, Sector Development and System Change:  The Lumpkin Family Fund process receives proposals that encourage organizations to collaborate on such things as community engagement, policy development and research, where such work can enhance an entire community or sector. 

For Lumpkin Family Fund or community leadership inquiries, contact:

Amanda Standerfer, Program Officer

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