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Archives: Past Grants, Reports, Programs

Past Grants

2013 Grants: In 2013, The Lumpkin Family Foundation awarded 29 grants through our competitive grant programs, with $214,000 of grant funding in Central Illinois. View

2012 Grants: In 2012, The Lumpkin Family Foundation awarded  38 grants through our competitive grant programs, with $224,100 of grant funding in Central Illinois. View

2011 Grants: In 2011, The Lumpkin Family Foundation awarded 31 grants through our competitive grant programs, with $259,099 of grant funding in Central Illinois. View

2010 Grants:
East Central Illinois
Outside East Central Illinois

2009 Grants:
East Central Illinois
Outside East Central Illinois

2008 Grants: 
East Central Illinois
Outside East Central Illinois

2007 Grants: 
East Central Illinois
Outside East Central Illinois

2006 Grants: In 2006, The Lumpkin Family Foundation awarded 76 grants through our competitive grant programs, with $376,205 of grant funding in Central Illinois. View

2005 Grants: In 2005, The Lumpkin Family Foundation awarded 64 grants through five competitive grant programs and an additional four through the Board Opportunity Fund. View

2004 Grants: In 2004, The Lumpkin Family Foundation awarded 65 grants through five competitive grant programs. View

2003 Grants: In 2003, The Lumpkin Family Foundation awarded 34 grants through three competitive grant programs. View


Commissioned Studies and Reports

East Central Illinois: A Place to Grow, A Food System Asset Inventory As part of our strategic planning in 2014, we engaged the community in research about the assets of our food system in the region. View The Study

Results of Capacity Building Study Available
In the fall of 2006, The Lumpkin Family Foundation commissioned a study to obtain independent perspective on how to enhance capacity building services available to communities and determine an appropriate future role for our own Nonprofit Excellence Program. View The Study.

Feeding Ourselves: Strategic Steps Toward a More Diversified Illinois Food System

In 2004, The Foundation joined with several other funders to commission a study of the Illinois Food System. The Foundation's purpose in doing so was to learn how we might more effectively support downstate farm communities. View Report

Public Perceptions of Water Quality in Illinois
The Lumpkin Family Foundation and Prairie Rivers Network commissioned the Illinois Natural History Survey to conduct a survey of residents and policy-makers in East-Central Illinois during the spring of 2003 to determine attitudes and perceptions on water quality. Survey results show that Illinois residents view water quality as an important issue, with fully 59% saying it is the most important community issue. View Report

Downstate Illinois Environmental Needs Assessment
In 2002, The Foundation commissioned an environmental needs assessment of Downstate Illinois. The objective of this research was to help The Foundation better understand the region and better focus its efforts as an environmental grant-maker to ensure maximum impact. The final report describes the socio-economic and political atmosphere of the region and outlines the three primary issues of environmental concern to area leaders. View Report (4MB file size)

Illinois Water Quality and the Clean Water Act Report
The Foundation commissioned The Environmental Law and Policy Center, the Midwest's leading environmental legal advocacy and eco-business innovation organization, to study and report on the water quality of Illinois' rivers, lakes and streams, and Illinois' implementation of the Clean Water Act. View Report

Foundation Evaluation and Reports
A message from the president and the executive director of The Lumpkin Family Foundation issued May 11, 2009.  The Lumpkin Family Foundation (LFF) issues a detailed report to the community approximately every second year.  As we began preparing our 2008/09 Report in the last part of 2008 and the beginning of this year, global markets entered their largest single decline since the great Depression.  The endowment on which all our programs depend declined by about a third.  In response to reductions of our financial capacity, as well as the economic challenges we know organizations in our communities are facing, the LFF Board of Trustees began a thoughtful discussion about how to make the best, most effective distribution of available funds.  These significant events will no doubt change our path in ways we cannot now predict.  Amid such uncertainty, it felt odd to provide our normal report, heavy on past accomplishments.  Instead, we have elected to publish this simple message outlining – to the best of our ability – where we are today and where we think we are heading beyond this year. View our Video

Evaluating Ourselves
Every third year we ask applicants to evaluate how Foundation staff and members comported themselves in their relationships with applicants. The survey is conducted by an independent consultant to ensure the confidentiality of the responses and the integrity of the information.

View our most recent independent study.

View response to 2008 survey.

View the 2005 survey.

50th Anniversary Report
View our 50th Anniversary Report

Past Programs

The Lumpkin Family Foundation, in partnership with Eastern Illinois University's Business and Technology Center, hosted a leadership training program from January to April 2006. Twenty nonprofit professionals came together eight times over this period to learn, connect and grow. Click here to see the evaluation of the The Institute for Nonprofit Excellence.

Downstate Illinois Nonprofit Conference: This exciting first-time event brought together nearly 200 nonprofit professional from across the downstate area to hear inspirational and education speakers and connect with their colleagues.

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